Design Process


Light is all around us. Oculus is both Latin for eye and an aperture that lets light into a space. So by keenly observing the world the around us, we use the inspirations to bring light into your space. From nature to technology, our designs strive to balance both aesthetics and sustainability.


At Oculus Light Studio, we are constantly evolving our design process to provide value to our clients throughout every phase of a project. While fresh inspiration and creative ideas are vital to what we do, so too is a disciplined approach to see those ideas realized.

Conceptual and Design Phases

The earlier, the better. Developing a successful lighting design starts with meeting our clients early on in the design process and identifying the project goals and lighting criteria. Those thoughts form the basis of an evolving design brief that is constantly updated with revised narratives, renderings, sketches, and inspiration images to clearly communicate with the project team. From one sketch to several hundred renderings, this process is scalable to meet the size of your project. As the collaborative effort with the project team advances, the design is further defined in the form of detailed lighting plans and specifications.

Construction Phase

Your plans change. At Oculus we understand the evolving nature of project constraints and the need for quick revisions. By supporting the projects all the way though construction, we are there to assist with the procurement and supervise the installation. We also prefer to aim the light fixtures and set all the dimming levels just right because if you don’t look good, we don’t look good.