Specializing in light and the environment, Oculus Light Studio is an architectural lighting design firm committed to the realization of original lighting concepts that enhance the spaces of which they are a part.  With wide ranging experience in a variety of projects, we seek to implement the lighting solutions that best meet the aesthetic goals, the business goals, and the environmental goals of the project.

Close collaboration with our clients which include owners, real estate developers, architects, interior designers and landscape architects, ensures lighting as a key element of the final built form.  Our team includes designers with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, interior design and theatre, opening myriad design possibilities.

Oculus is MBE certified by Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council, certified as a Small Business Enterprise with the State of California, and a Small Business Enterprise and a Local Business Enterprise with the City of Los Angeles.


From the spotlit table between friends, to the illuminated spandrel of a tower visible miles away, lighting is important at all scales. We enjoy the lighting process for the value it brings to the projects. We tailor our services to meet the project needs. We tailor our scope to match the project size.


Whether the project is next door or in the opposite time zone, whether the scope is only conceptual sketches or until the final punchlist, whether the project style is traditional or futuristic, we pride ourselves in being flexible to the project needs. The techniques, the equipment, the schedule are all adapted to best meet the goals of the project.


Without a surface to reflect it, light is imperceptible. Good lighting is an important element of any project, and it needs to work together with spaces, forms and surfaces. We believe that best solutions are realized when all the aspects are considered together. We collaborate closely with owners, architects, designers, and engineers to make that happen.